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The Mountain Bike Repair Shop

Service Packages

In our shop located in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) we provide service, repairs and full maintenance for mountain bikes of the most common brands.

In addition to carrying out service work on mountain bikes, we also offer shock, fork and dropperpost service for Fox, Marzocchi and Rockshox.

Suspension service at the correct intervals is one of the most performance benefits for your mountain bike and can even save money on expensive repairs in the long run. Because we carry out all services in-house, we keep control over the entire process. This enables us to offer the right service combination together with the customer that best suits your mountainbike and riding style.

Moreover, we always enjoy following the latest developments and training in the field of mountainbikes and suspensiontech.

You can choose a service package, individual repairs “A la carte” or a tailor-made service package.

We can also supply all parts of brands listed below.

Currently we only offer service for forks and dampers from 2016. Older than 2016? then we only service after assessment.

  • All
  • Suspension Service
  • Hardtail Bikes
  • Full Suspension Bikes
  • A La Carte

A La Carte


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All prices exclude parts and service kits unless otherwise stated.
Oil and grease is included.


Brake set (F+R) service 48,75 Euro
-Checking the brake system.
-Clean the braking system.
-Bleed and change oil.
-Adjust brake calipers.

Hydraulic disc brake set assembly 65,- Euro
-Compatibility check.
-Remove old brake set.
-Fitting new brake set.
-Shorten brake lines.
-Bleed the brake system.

loose brake services
-Adjust brake caliper.
-Brake bleed.
-Replace oil and bleed.
-Replace brake pad disc.
-Replace hydraulic brake cable.


It is advisable to have these packages executed in combination with a Basic Tune Up or basic drivetrain package service.

Major linkage package service 150,-Euro
-Complete disassembly swingarm.
-Cleaning pivot points.
-Replace all bearings.
-Ultrasonic cleaning of parts.
-Greasing, mounting and checking.
-40% off high-grade bearings.
-High-grade bearings (SKF, Enduro, FAG)

Essential linkage package service 97.50 Euro
-Control swingarm.
-Cleaning pivot points.
-If necessary, replace bearings or grease fill.
-Greasing, mounting and checking.


Major wheelset package service 95,- Euro
-Check spoke tension.
-True and dishing wheelset.
-Replace hub bearings / freewheel bearings.
-Clean freewheel/hub.
-Refresh latex.

Basic wheelset package service 48,75 Euro
-Check spoke tension.
-Fast true (with outer tire)
-Clean freewheel/hub.
-Refresh latex.

Making tubeless 39,50 Euro
-Rim tape Schwalbe.
-Valve Schwalbe.
-Latex Stans no tube.
-Price includes tape, valve, latex.

Tubeless refresh service 17.50 Euro
-Remove old latex.
-Cleaning valve.
-Latex / sealant Stans no tube.

Loose wheel and tire services
-Replace inner tube or outer tire.
-Latex / sealant refresh (ex sealant)
-Cushcore / noodle mount.
-Adjust cup and cone. 16.25
-Cup and cone freewheel service. 32.50
-Hub (ball) bearings replaced.
-Replace freewheel bearings.
-Clean and grease the freewheel / body.
-Wheel Align and/or Center from 48.75
-Align wheel + replace 1 spoke from 48.75
-Mount new wheelset.


Adjusting gears includes control and alignment of the derailleur hanger.

Major drivetrain package service 65,- Euro
-Full disassembly groupset.°
-Total cleaning.
-Replace parts if necessary.
-Or mounting a new groupset.
-Assembly according to factory specs.
-Adjust according to latest factory specs.
-Replaced cable set front and rear derailleur.
°chain, cassette, crankset, bottom bracket, cable, shifter and rear derailleur.

Basic drivetrain package service 48,75 Euro
-Adjust front and rear derailleur.
-Replace parts if necessary.
-Replaced cable set and rear derailleur.

Loose powertrain / drivetrain service
-Install groupset (complete)
-Install groupset (upgrade kit)
-Install cassette and chain.
-Adjust gear single 1x10, 11, 12.
-Adjust gear of double 2x10, 11, 12.
-Gear adjustment of triple 3x9, 10.
-Replacing chainring / chainring(s)
-Adjust front derailleur.
-Adjust rear derailleur.
-Replacing derailleur wheels (pulleys / jockey wheels)
-Crankset replacement.
-Replacing bottom bracket bearings / bottom bracket.
-Replacing shift inner cable (stainless steel)
-Replacing shifter wiring kit.
-Replace derailleur hanger (align and adjust gears)
-Mounting of pedals.
-Bearing refresh kit for pedals.


-Shorten cables (hourly rate)
-Adjust headset / headset.
-Replacing headset cups from 32,50
-Replace headset bearings.
-Mount or shorten the handlebar.
-Mount handlebar or stem.
-Mount grips.

The "general conditions of the mountain bike repair shop" apply to all our services and products.

€ 16,25

Basic Tune Up

Go with this package when your bike needs a little attention. Great for new bikes or as a starting point to add services from the “A La Carte”

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  • Align and adjust gears.
  • Check and align derailleur hanger.
  • Check an adjust brakes.
  • Adjust headset.
  • On bike wheel truing and spoke tension check.
  • Inspect overall safety of bike.
  • Test ride.

**Includes small service-parts: standard oil **

€ 55,-

Essential Tune Up

Annual maintenance for your full suspension mountain bike.

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Look at "A La Carte" for service details.

  • Basic Tune Up +
  • Yearly fork service.
  • Basic damper service.
  • Essential linkage service.
  • Cleaning and greasing headset.
  • Basic wheelset service.
  • Brake set service.
  • Basic drivetrain service.
  • Suspension tuning tips.

Package combination includes oil, grease, latex, service kits and rear derailleur cable set

€ 385,-

Annual Tune Up

Annual service for the hardtail riders among us.

195,- Euro for RockShox forks.
215,- Euro for Fox forks.

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Look at "A La Carte" for service details.

  • Basic Tune Up +
  • Basic front fork service.
  • Brake set service.
  • Basic wheelset service.
  • Clean headset and new grease.
  • Basic drivetrain service.

Package combination includes oil, grease, latex, service kit and rear derailleur cable set

Pick and Mix

Choose your own service or in combination with our advice? No problem!
Look at the “A La Carte, “Suspension service” or at our other service packages.
For a quote send us a email with your your desired service combinations.

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Copy and paste this info along with the other service combinations in an email to us.

Bicycle brand: (photo of complete bicycle is also possible)
Fashion model:
Fork ID: (photo is also allowed)
Damper ID: (photo is also allowed)
Group set type:
Wheelset brand:

e Bikes



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Service general

Prices are based on fork stanchion diameter, brand and type of service as these vary significantly in complexity and parts.

We register your current settings, disassemble the parts and clean them ultrasonically. Then inspect all parts, replace the seals and then reassembly with new fluids and carefully bleed de damper. We use the manufacturer's service kits as standard, but we can deviate from this if it gives a clear performance improvement. Tunings entail extra costs, in wich we always advise first.

Unfortunately we do not service forks older 2016, only in consultation.

Necessary costs.
-(dis)assembly fork costs 17.50- Euro ex parts, this is for cleaning, greasing and adjusting headset and front brake.
-(dis)assembly of remotes, the hourly rate is charged excluding parts.


Fox, Marzocchi
80 Euro 32mm
85 Euro 34, 36, 38mm
90,- Euro 40mm
25,- Euro surcharge airspring service

55 Euro 30, 32, 35mm
65 Euro 38mm
25,- Euro surcharge airspring service

With a basic fork service we completely clean the lower legs
-Replacing oil and grease.
-New dustwipers, foam rings, crushwashers.
-Check air chamber for excess factory grease.
-Airspring service (extra charge)
-Overall check and functionality test.


Fox, Marzocchi
140,- Euro 32mm
150,- Euro 34, 36, 38mm
160,- Euro 40mm

150,- Euro 30, 32, 35, 38mm

-Complete cleaning internally / externally.
-Replacing oil and grease.
-Replace dustwipers, foam rings, crushwashers, o-rings.
-Airspring service, replaced air seals.
-Cartridge (damper) service, new oil and bleeding.
-Overall check and functionality test.


195,- Euro Fox or Marzocchi 32, 34 ,36 ,38, 40 mm
185,- Euro Rockshox 32, 35, 38 mm

-Clean internal / external.
-Replace all fluids.
-Replace dustwipers, foam rings, crushwashers.
-Airspring service, replace air seals.
-Cartridge service, replace cartridge seals.
-Overall check and test front fork.


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Service info general

Prices are based on brand and type of service as they vary significantly in complexity and components.

We register your current settings, disassemble the parts and clean them ultrasonically. Then inspect all parts, replace the seals and install them with new fluids. We use the manufacturer's service kits as standard, but we can deviate from this if it gives a significant performance improvement. For tuning, we charge extra cost´s which we advise first. Dampers are always carefully bleeded and the IFP filled with nitrogen or air depending on the model.

Unfortunately we do not service dampers older 2016 only in consultation.

Damper Basic Service (shock air can service)

70 Euro CTD, DPS, DPX2.

70 Euro Monarch(plus)
95 Euro Deluxe, Super deluxe.

Clean the air chamber (air can), replace seals, regrease, function test and reassemble.

Damper full service (rebuild service)

150,- Euro CTD, DPS.
**175,- Euro ** DPX2, X2, Float X.

115 Euro Monarch.
135,- Euro Deluxe, Monarch plus.
150,- Euro Super deluxe.
130,- Euro Vivid coil.

Clean the air chamber (air can), replace seals, regrease and reassemble.
Complete disassembly, function test, parts inspection, replacement of fluids, O-rings and seals, venting, refilling IFP (nitrogen or air, depending on model)

Dropper post

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Rockshox reverb stealth service
-32.50 Euro remote service oil change, bleeding.
-137.50 Euro A-series rebuild (200hr)
-87.50 Euro B and C series annually (200hr)
-137,50 Euro B-series 1x 2-yearly rebuild (400hr)
-137,50 Euro C-series (AXS) 1x 3-yearly rebuild (600hr)

  • Mentioned services include service kit, oil and IFP upgrade.

    A series until 2017.
    B series between 2017 and 2020.
    C series from 2020.

Mechanical dropper refresh service
-48.75 Euros to clean and grease.
- Mentioned service does not include service kit, cable set.

Dropper post mounting
-48,75 Euro mounting Rockshox Reverb.
-48,75 Euro mounting mechanical droppers.
-including Shimano cable set with mechanical dropper.

We sell droppers from these brands.
OneUp components (V2)
Fox (transfer)
Rockshox (reverb)
Race face (turbine)

New Bike (day) Service

New bike day or a custom build project?

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New bike day 80,- Euro
-We assemble the mountain bike you ordered online and check everything.
-We only provide this service to mountain bikes with a purchase price from Euro 750.

Custom bike building
Would you like to custom build or convert your own mountain bike?
Due to the many standardizations, geometries, research, parts, the right tools and delivery times, this quickly becomes quite a challenge.
Whether you are only looking for advice or support during the construction process or whether you do not have the right tools or technical knowledge?
We offer a free advise in which we look at what we can do for each other without obligation.

Who we are

We like servicing our bikes ourselves. That’s how we started, by servicing the bikes for our friends. The more mountain bikers we met, more requests came in as to whether it was possible to service their bikes as well.
We are passionate riders with a lifestyle centered around mountainbiking. We like to share knowledge that’s focuses on the needs of modern mountain biking based on our own experience of years riding and the people that we met. We like to organize tours, guide, building trails and maintaining. But above all, we like to share our passion for this sport and lifestyle trough riding and social media.

With many years of work (field) experience, following mechanic training and internships it was just inevitable and a matter of time to set up a shop. Our own success can only be achieved with mutual trust, by being involved, taking our time and offering the best quality workmanship for your bike. As we are continually evolving our servicing techniques and expanding our knowledge to the new standards of the bike industry. We like to say to our customers:

Don’t worry we will fix it for you, we are ‘The Mountainbike Repairshop’.

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Mark van der Heijden

Lead mechanic

I’ve been riding and working on mountainbikes for over 10 years now. Style of riding is downcountry, trail, all-mountain and occassionaly a bikepark.

Before I started to follow my passion as a bicycle technician and to be a shopowner I worked as an electric- mechanical engineer in the high-tech industry.

Certified (e)bike mechanic..

Current bike(s)
Intense Primer, Norco Range
Favorite riding area's
3-borderarea, Ardennes, Ruhrpott

Raymond Tabak

Sales / Mechanic

I’ve been riding bmx and working on bikes as long I can remember. In the 80ties I was an active BMX racer, Freestyle rider and a testrider for BMX manufacturer ASCO PRO. Nowadays I ride Enduro and scouting for trails in the 3-borderarea, Ruhrpott and occasionally a daytrip to Flowtrails in Stromberg and Winterberg.

In addition to my work in the Mountainbike Repairshop, I also teach a few hours a week to students of the “Live Sound Education” course

Current bike(s)
Intense Carbine
Favorite riding area's
3-landenpunt, Rurhgebied, Stromberg, Winterberg

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